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The Shadow was one of the first mystery men to appear in New York City. The Shadow used intimidation and fear to fight criminals, using his hypnosis and natural abilities to appear as superhuman. The Shadow operated through a series of agents placed all around the world, who owed Their lives to him and helped him when he needed it.

Arriving long before adventurers like Superman, in one of his early capers, the Shadow saved a young Bruce Wayne.[1] Years later, The Shadow came out of inactivity and helped Batman capture a gang of criminals, unaware that he was the same kid he had saved years prior.[2]

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  • Shadow Ring: An opal ring which gives off a hypnotic reddish glow, causing his enemies to confess information.



  • This character is an adaptation of The Shadow, a character from the the pulp series created by Walter B. Gibson in 1931. The character was used at the time under license from the actual rights holders. More information can be found in the article The Shadow.
  • Though he cannot become invisible, he often wears a black cape and slouch hat to blend in the darkness.



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