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Kevin, who prefers to be called "Sweet Sally" at all times, is the godson of Maximum Man and is named "Kevin" in his honor. Sweet Sally was a star on the show, Tranquiliteens until it folded. After the show was canceled, he became the front man for the Liberty Snots. Sweet Sally has been the steady boyfriend of Leona Terrell with whom he had a daughter.

Due to his sullen nature and anti-authority attitude, Sweet Sally has found himself at odds with his peers and the other residents of Tranquility. When Leona attempted suicide, Sweet Sally and the snots stormed the hospital, causing massive damage until Deputy Duray persuaded Sheriff Lindo to allow him to visit her. When the members of Gen13 passed through Tranquility, Sweet Sally jealously attacked Burnout because Leona had been flirting with him. To his merit, when the Authoriteens attacked Gen13, Sweet Sally and the other Snots ultimately came to their defense.



  • Song Writing: Kevin has written and performed songs for the Liberty Snots.



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