Kevin Sack was one of the Century Babies - children born at the stroke of midnight on January 1st, 1900. Then, as a child, he was lost in the darkest jungles of Africa, presumed dead.

Raised in the jungle by animals, later to return to Britain and aristocracy, Lord Blackstock represents the iconic lord of the jungle. A Century Baby, he has powers beyond those of what might ordinarily come to one in his circumstances, and seemed to display heightened speed and strength (though the full extent of his abilities is unknown). A consummate adventurer and gentleman-scoundrel, Blackstock worked with Doctor Axel Brass' team of pulp heroes in the thirties and first met Elijah Snow in 1933 at the gates of the hidden but very advanced city of Opak-Re. A few months after meeting Snow, he slept with Snow's lover, Anaykah of Opak-Re. The pairing resulted in the birth of a baby girl, whom Snow saved from death as the city collapsed inward upon itself. Snow saw to the girl's adoption, and she grew up as Jakita Wagner.

Lord Blackstock died in the battle that claimed the rest of Axel Brass' group in 1945, defending the world from an other-dimensional invasion force.


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Immortality: Kevin Sack is one of the Century Babies, a being produced by the multiverse for a specific task. In his case, this is to influence the 20th century. As such, his moods are tied directly to the world's status. 100 year lifespan, not aging once he reached adulthood. He will be reborn again and as a baby and begin the cycle over again.
  • Decelerated Aging: Some degree of retarded aging.
  • Though Lord Blackstock is a century baby and has in fact died in 1945 he apparently has not been reborn, even at the advent of the 21st century as Jenny Quarx was born after the death of Jenny Sparks as her reincarnation.
  • Lord Blackstock is an analogue of Tarzan, complete with a noble title that resembles "Greystoke", but his name is an obvious play on Ka-Zar's real name of Kevin Plunder.
  • Blackstock displayed some possibly unusual sexual proclivities, implying that, prior to his return to European society in his late twenties, he had not chosen to mate with the local Africans, but instead with other unnamed parties, possibly wildlife.