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Keystone City

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Keystone City
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Located across the Missouri River from Central City, Missouri, Keystone City, Kansas first became home to settlers in 1806, shortly after the Louisiana Purchase. It began to grow rapidly after the Civil War, attracting farmers and becoming a common starting point for those who were moving to the West. After the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, it became an important depot, attracting the livestock and meat-packing industries. Although the stockyards closed in the 1950s, the area has been revitalized and the old warehouses transformed into a fashionable retail destination. Keystone remains a center of industry, home to aircraft and automobile manufacturers, including Keystone Motors.[2]

Keystone was the home of Jay Garrick, the original Flash. The Thinker, the Fiddler, and the Shade put it in suspended animation for years until it was discovered by Central City resident and second Flash, Barry Allen.

Flash Jay Garrick 0006
Flash (Jay Garrick)
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The third Flash, Wally West moved to Keystone upon the recommendation of Jay Garrick's wife Joan.

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  • Before the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Central and Keystone were not twin cities. Rather, Central City only existed on Earth-One and Keystone City only existed on Earth-Two.
  • Some sources have shown Keystone City to be in Pennsylvania instead of Kansas.
  • The map in the Atlas of the DC Universe claims that Keystone and Central are across the Mississippi from each other, which implies that it flows very differently in the DCU than in our universe, as the Mississippi does not border Kansas. However, the Missouri does, and if the DCU Mississippi is analogous to the real-life Missouri, then Keystone is in the northeastern corner of the state, near Kansas City.
  • The Atlas also claims that I-74 and I-44 go through Keystone. These interstates are clearly routed differently in the DC Universe than in our own, as neither go through Kansas.

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