Quote1 She is Officer Kia Okuru. I think of her as a friend. I hope to live long enough to tell her so. Quote2
-- David Zavimbe src


Fellow officer Kia Okuru has known David Zavimbe for many years prior to joining the force. She predated David's time in uniform and enjoys debating with him on the proper use of law enforcement.


When Massacre began hunting down African adventurers for their supposed crimes against their country, Kia and the Tinasha Police Department were dispatched to aid Batwing on various crime scenes. Angered by the interruption, Massacre lived up to his name by attacking the police headquarters and killing every on-duty member except Kia and David whom he left for dead.

She was later scene as part of a group defending the Citadel, the Kingdom's old headquarters, from Massacre's attacks.

When Batwing came into confrontation with Father Lost, Kia was on scene with her fellow officers. When Batwing fell to Father Lost's mind control, Kia opened fire on him in an effort to return him to his senses. Unable to cause any harm she returned her efforts to rescuing her niece, Leela, who was one of Father Lost's Finders.



  • Congo Police Uniform


  • Police Issue Revolver