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Kilowog is a high-ranking officer and drill instructor of the Green Lantern Corps, responsible for teaching and mentoring newly recruited Lanterns. The last surviving member of his planet Bolovax Vik, his
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Unnamed Mate (deceased), Unnamed children (deceased)
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Green Lantern; drill sergeant; geneticist

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720 lb.
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Hal Jordan
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First appearance

Quote1 I have had ENOUGH of you poozers! Quote2
-- Kilowog src


Once a brilliant scientist on his homeworld of Bolovox Vik, Kilowog was happily married with two children he loved dearly. After being chosen to take over as his Sector's new Green Lantern, Kilowog was taken far away from his home, family and people for great amounts of time. Kilowog was unable to save his planet and saw it explode from space, taking his family and entire people with it. Cut off from his people's hive-mind, Kilowog was more alone than he'd ever been. He eventually retired from his sector patrol and began a drill sergeant career on Oa, training newly-recruited rookie Lanterns. Kilowog was especially surprised when M'ten's Power Ring returned to Oa, having never seen him before in basic training, and the subsequent learning about Frontier Space.

During his and Hal's adventures aboard the Interceptor, Kilowog was separated from Hal and injured. Kilowog was found and nursed back to health by Galia, a female from a race called the Zor, who were physically very similar to Bolovoxian. During his time with her tribe, Kilowog fell in love with the female and was adopted as the Zor's champion. At the conclusion of the adventure, Kilowog had to leave his new family behind to continue his mission, once more breaking his heart.

It was this broken heart that nearly lead to Kilowog's undoing on the planet Zamaron. Queen Aga'po saw into Kilowog's memories and thus sent a Star Sapphire ring to recruit Galia into her corps. Upon seeing his love again, Kilowog was overjoyed and flew with Galia through Zamaron's crystalline landscape, unaware he had willingly stepped into a trap. Under the influence of the Star Sapphire ring, Galia incased Kilowog inside a crystal in a euphoric hibernation in a twisted sense of needing to keep Kilowog "safe". When Hal managed to free him, Kilowog fled with his comrades, forced to once more leave is love behind and still in Queen Aga'Po's thrall.

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"In Brghtest day, In Blackest Night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!"



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