Daughter of Japanese superhero Junior Waveman Kimura, Aquazon got into the superhero business mainly to try and achieve fame, but accomplished very little until her team happened to save the lives of Mister Miracle and Sonny Sumo in Japan. The SYT then joined efforts with the agency Checkmate to repel the forces of Darkseid, though their heroism went unnoticed among that majority of the Earth's population.

More recently, the team has been looking to boost its profile, but their efforts have repeatedly met with failure. This has been especially frustrating for Kim, as she had hoped to live up to her father's name, and thus she quit, which led to the team being disbanded (their P.R. manager suggested that the disbandment would make the public more eager to see Super Young Team return.)

When the team broke up, Kim has begun to consider joining Big Science Action, which is now under her father's leadership, but when Most Excellent Superbat called the team back to action he called her first, knowing the others would follow, and she rejoined.



  • Various water-ready gear, and employs special weapons in order to fight underwater.


Aquazon has on occasion manifested a water gun.

  • According to her team-mates, Aquazon needs glasses, but doesn't get them because they look "uncool".