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The Phantom

The Phantom (Kit Walker)
Information-silk Real Name
Kit Walker
Information-silk Current Alias
The Phantom
Information-silk Aliases
The Ghost Who Walks
Information-silk Relatives
Diane Palmer Walker (wife); Heloise Walker (daughter); Kit Walker (son)
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First appearance


The Phantom is the latest in a line of crimefighters by that name dating back to 1536, when young Christopher Walker's father was murdered by pirates, prompting young Christopher to seek revenge. Swearing an oath to battle evil and injustice on the skull of his father's killer, he subsequently became the first Phantom, creating a legacy that would be passed down from father to son for the next twenty generations. The population of the region of Africa where he is based believe that there has only ever been one, immortal Phantom, hence his nicknames; The Ghost Who Walks and The Man Who Cannot Die.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Peak Physical Condition: The Phantom is an outstanding athlete and is extremely strong and agile.
  • Expert Marksman
  • Expert Horse rider
  • Expert Hand to Hand combatant
  • Intimidation: Due to his legacy before him, The Phantom holds a strong level of fear among criminals who believe that he is an immortal and cannot die.

Strength level

The Phantom possesses the strength of a man his age, height and weight who engages in intensive regular exercise.



  • The Phantom possesses two rings which can leave permanent marks on those They touch. One leaves a mark on the left hand which marks the person as an ally and someone under The Phantom's protection. The other on the right hand imprints a skull on the face which marks the person as an enemy.


Hero (horse)


Devil (dog/wolf)

  • Twin .45 caliber pistols
  • Dagger


The Phantom's first historical appearance was on February 17th 1936. He is notable for having been the first superhero to wear a skintight costume and the now common mask with no visible eyeholes.


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