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The Klarmarians, or the Faceless Hunters, are a race of yellow skinned Saturnians possibly descended from the Yellow Martians, and are notable for their lack of any facial features. The race hail from the planet Klaramar, a world revolving within an atom on the planet Saturn.

The Faceless Hunters first come to public attention in 1961 after one of them, Klee Pan, is intercepted trying to steal major world sculptures such as the Mount Rushmore heads and the Easter Island statues. Oregon Highway Patrolmen Bob Colby and Jim Boone were assigned to Mount Rushmore, and confronted Klee Pan, who explained that he comes from Klaramar - a world revolving within an atom on the planet Saturn and he was looking for a stone face left on Earth millennia ago which can help prevent Saturn exploding. He revealed that an evil Faceless Hunter, Chun Yull, has planted an 'ultimate energy time-bomb' and threatened to detonate it unless he is made supreme ruler, but died giving no clues as to where the face, which can defuse the bomb, was hidden. Boone deduced that the face is on Earth's Moon, and Klee Pan took Colby and Boone there and then to Saturn - after cutting the face from the Moon's surface. When the face was destroyed by a trap set by Chan Yull the patrolmen help reconstruct it (using an astronomy book Boone happens to have had in the patrol car), disarmed the bomb and saved the planet. The Faceless Hunters replaced the face on the Moon in gratitude, and Klee Pan gives both men telepathic abilities.

The Faceless Hunters later appeared under the command of Jemm, Son of Saturn who appears to be the de-facto ruler of all three known Saturnian races, including the albino "Koolars", and the yellow skinned "Faceless Hunters".[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Size Alteration: The Klaramarians are normally of sub-atomic size, although they can control this, and are often much taller than humans, with a corresponding increase in strength.
  • Telepathy: Most Klaramarians also appear to be telepaths. Klaramarian Klee Pan also demonstrated the ability to grant a limited gift of telepathy to deserving humans.[2]


None known.

Average Strength level



None known.


Level of Technology: High
Representatives: Chun Yull, Klee Pan, Gorr Num

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