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Knight and Squire Vol 1 1


Knight and Squire Vol 1 1

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"For Six Part One": The Time in a Bottle pub is the place where both Britain's heroes and villains hang out once a month. With all violence stopped by the "Truce magic" the enemies get along quite nicely. Whilst Squire is giving newcomer Shrike a tour of the pub and briefing him on its history,

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Synopsis for "For Six Part One"

The Time in a Bottle pub is the place where both Britain's heroes and villains hang out once a month. With all violence stopped by the "Truce magic" the enemies get along quite nicely. Whilst Squire is giving newcomer Shrike a tour of the pub and briefing him on its history, several objects behind the bar glow ominously. The patrons realise that the truce has been deactivated. Ruthless Skull faced vigilante Faceoff, who immediately begins opening fire on the villains, attacking Knight with a knife when he gets in the way.

Realising the Merlin statue, that keeps the Truce magic activated, has been tampered with Knight and Squire retreat upstairs to find the person responsible. In the room where the statue is kept they find Cornwall Boy holding a knife to the throat of his father, Captain Cornwall. Angrily stating that he is tired of sharing the magic power with Cornwall senior who he believes has done very little with the abilities other than "dress up". Knight calmly states he is not going to harm his father since he's been in the room with him for ten minutes and done nothing but threatening him. Cornwall boy hesitates and the Truce magic is reactivated. The father and son face each other and clearly have a lot to talk about. Downstairs, the villains and heroes help clear up the bar while the evil cricketers, the First Eleven pay, for the damage.


  • This book was first published on October 13, 2010.
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