Quote1 In the whole history of China, there are maybe three other people as important as I am. Quote2
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Kong Kenan, or as he would be known in Western notation, Kenan Kong, was a school bully in Shanghai, China. His favorite victim was a boy whose father was C.E.O. of the airline that his mother was flying on when she died, and he blamed the boy's family for it. Shortly after taking the boy's lunch, he was attacked by the super-villain, Blue Condor. He threw a Soder Cola can at the assailant, and he flew away. This attracted the attention of several onlookers, including the reporter Laney Lan.

After the interview he went home to his father, Kong Zhongdan, who was not thrilled with his son's image of heroism in the public eye due to his knowing that his son did not really care about truth or justice. He then visited his mother's grave and was approached by Doctor Omen who offered to make him a superhero. At the Chinese Ministry of Self-reliance building, Kenan was put into a small chamber that gave him the powers of the American Superman. Although the operation was a success, Kenan lost control of his abilities for a moment, and Bat-Man and Wonder-Woman were summoned to subdue him. Bat-Man used a gas on him, and he awoke in a room at the facility with an orange visor. Doctor Omen then informed him that its purpose was to keep him in line with electric shocks, and he quickly discovered that his powers had recessed after his fight with Bat-Man. Kenan was then allowed to go on the Justice League of China's next mission to a gated community to deal with a robbery by a super-villain called Sunbeam because he knew the passcode to open the gate. He did not, however tell them that it was because he had once demanded the passcode from a resident so that he could steal a neighbor's bicycle. After that, he was made to stay in the Bat Utility Vehicle and to watch the robbery victim's child. After seeing Sunbeam use the victim as a hostage, Kenan's abilities returned and he defeated Sunbeam. He then revealed his secret identity to Laney Lan, who had arrived with a news team, on national television.[1]

Initially, Kenan was a self-centered bully who cared only for himself and looked down on those who he did not consider as important as he was. This all changed after standing up to Blue Condor and receiving the powers of Superman. Kenan is brash, headstrong and frequently rushes into situations without thinking. His core character is basically good, though he tends to make rash decisions based on his emotions. After the apparent death of his father, his attitude toward others changed and he became more focused. He has great respect toward Superman after meeting with him and receiving advice and encouragement.


  • Kryptonian Qi Manipulation: Kenan's Kryptonian powers are the result of being infused with Superman's life energy, or qi, and are organized around the Bagua--eight trigrams used in Taoism to represent the fundamental principles of reality. Each of Kenan's powers is believed to correspond to a different trigram.[2]
  • Flight[1]
  • Heat Vision: Kenan's heat vision corresponds to Trigram 5 of the Bagua ().[3] He can activate this power by focusing his qi into his eyes.
  • Invulnerability: Kenan's invulnerability corresponds to Trigram 0 of the Bagua (Kūn).[2] He can activate this power by focusing his qi into his stomach.
  • Solar Radiation Absorption: Kenan experiences a temporary power increase whenever he is exposed to high levels of solar radiation.[4]
  • Super-Breath: Kenan's super-breath corresponds to Trigram 6 of the Bagua (Duì).[5] He can activate this power by focusing his qi into his mouth.
  • Superhuman Hearing: Kenan's super-hearing corresponds to Trigram 2 of the Bagua (Kǎn).[2] He can activate this power by focusing his qi into his ears.
  • Superhuman Speed: Kenan's super-speed corresponds to Trigram 4 of the Bagua (Zhèn).[6] He can activate this power by focusing his qi into his feet.
  • Superhuman Strength: Kenan's super-strength corresponds to Trigram 1 of the Bagua (Gèn).[2] He can activate this power by focusing his qi into his hands.
  • X-Ray Vision: Kenan's x-ray vision corresponds to Trigram 3 of the Bagua (Xùn).[8] He can activate this power by focusing his qi into his thighs.




  • Containment Suit[1]



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