Quote1 In the whole history of China, there are maybe three other people as important as I am. Quote2
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Early Life

Kong Kenan, or as he would be known in Western notation, Kenan Kong, was born to Kong Zhongdan and Kuang Maitai. His parents were believers of Truth, Democracy and Justice, with his mother being a member of the Freedom Fighters of China known as the Liberty Goddess. Unfortunately his mother was killed in a plane accident when Kenan was young, causing his father to join the Freedom Fighters, although Kenan only found out about his parents' roles in the Freedom Fighters at a much later date.[1] Due to the nature of his mothers death Kenan would often bully Luo Lixxin, who was the son of Luo Longde, who owned the airliner his mother died on.[2]

Becoming the New Super-Man

One day while beating up Lixxin his victim was attacked by Blue Condor, a super villain member of the Freedom Fighters. Reacting off instincts Kenan threw a Soda can at Blue Condors head causing him to flee the scene. This was recorded by Laney Lan, a reporter, who heralded him as a hero. Picking up on Kenan's success the Ministry of Self-Reliance's director Doctor Omen decided to pick him for their Super-Man of China project.[2] Upon being promised the powers of Superman Kenan travelled to their facility where he was imbued with the life force of the dead Kryptonian[3].

Upon emerging from the power imbuing chamber Kenan began trying out his new powers, when he refused to stand down Doctor Omen sent in the Bat-Man and the Wonder Woman of China to deal with Kenan. During the fight Kenan's powers stopped working and he was taken down by the pair.[4] Upon waking up Kenan was suspended from leaving the complex. However during a mission briefing for Bat-Man and Wonder-Woman Kenan noticed that he had the passcode to the homestead they were heading too. After begrudging being sent on the mission by Doctor Omen to save Wei Li, C.E.O. of the biggest network support company in the Nation from the Freedom Fighter Sunbeam. Even though Wonder-Woman and Bat-Man told him not to engage Sunbeam, he saw Wei Li in danger so punched Sunbeam. She then shot Kenan with a solar beam causing him to power up and defeat Sunbeam. Laney Lan then arrived and he revealed to the World that he was Kong Kenan the New Super-Man, and that he, Bat-Man and Wonder-Woman were the Justice League of China.[4]

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Initially, Kenan was a self-centered bully who cared only for himself and looked down on those who he did not consider as important as he was. This all changed after standing up to Blue Condor and receiving the powers of Superman. Kenan is brash, headstrong and frequently rushes into situations without thinking. His core character is basically good, though he tends to make rash decisions based on his emotions. After the apparent death of his father, his attitude toward others changed and he became more focused. He has great respect toward Superman after meeting with him and receiving advice and encouragement.


  • Magic: Kenan is capable of manipulating his connection to the path of his qi to disperse malevolent entities of yang or close mystical gateways connected to qi.[5]
  • Magic Immunity: Kenan seems to be immune to, or at least, highly resistant towards magic.[5]
  • Photo-Umbrakinesis: Kenan is able infuse his qi with light and darkness, which seems to augment his powers.[6]
  • Kryptonian Qi Manipulation: Kenan's Kryptonian powers are the result of being infused with Superman's life energy, or qi, and are organized around the Bagua--eight trigrams used in Taoism to represent the fundamental principles of reality. Each of Kenan's powers is believed to correspond to a different trigram.[7]
  • Flight: Kenan's ability to fly corresponds to Trigram 7 of the Bagua (Qián).[8] He can activate this power by focusing his qi into his head.
  • Heat Vision: Kenan's heat vision corresponds to Trigram 5 of the Bagua ().[9] He can activate this power by focusing his qi into his eyes.
  • Invulnerability: Kenan's invulnerability corresponds to Trigram 0 of the Bagua (Kūn).[7] He can activate this power by focusing his qi into his stomach.
  • Solar Radiation Absorption: Kenan experiences a temporary power increase whenever he is exposed to high levels of solar radiation.[4]
  • Super-Breath: Kenan's super-breath corresponds to Trigram 6 of the Bagua (Duì).[10] He can activate this power by focusing his qi into his mouth.
  • Superhuman Hearing: Kenan's super-hearing corresponds to Trigram 2 of the Bagua (Kǎn).[7] He can activate this power by focusing his qi into his ears.
  • Superhuman Speed: Kenan's super-speed corresponds to Trigram 4 of the Bagua (Zhèn).[11] He can activate this power by focusing his qi into his feet.
  • Superhuman Strength: Kenan's super-strength corresponds to Trigram 1 of the Bagua (Gèn).[7] He can activate this power by focusing his qi into his hands.
  • X-Ray Vision: Kenan's x-ray vision corresponds to Trigram 3 of the Bagua (Xùn).[13] This power has a "penetrating" characteristic that allows him to see through even mystical illusions.[10] He can activate this power by focusing his qi into his thighs.



  • Power Instability (formerly): So far Kenan has only learned to activate his powers one at a time and cannot use them simultaneously. Furthermore, by losing his focus, the level of his abilities tend to fluctuate. Due to synchronizing with a mystical artifact known as the Red Jade Dragon, Kenan was finally able to rid himself of these limitations.
  • Vulnerability to Kryptonite: Like Kryptonians, Kenan is weakened by Kryptonite.[9]


  • Containment Suit[2]



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