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Quote1 On Tamaran we appreciate the past. We respect it. But we don't live there. We live here. Now. In the moment. Quote2
-- Starfire src

Red Hood and the Outlaws

Starfire 007

Starfire during her time with the Outlaws

Having suddenly lost her memories, Kori chooses to pass her time on earth since her home planet has been destroyed. Not used to human culture and confused by their mannerisms, Kori is sought out by Jason as a way to better understand human life. Rescuing Roy Harper from a jail cell in Qurac, she travels with them back to an island in the Caribbean, to sample island life for herself. Finding swimming in the ocean boring, she decides to ask Roy if he would like to have sex with her. Following the implied sexual contact, she notices Jason Todd talking to himself, then leaving all of a sudden. She and Roy head off with the intention of fun.

One of their adventures lead to them to encounter an alien hunter named Crux, Crux had targeted Koriand'r as Crux was fond of a picture of her, then attacks her and attempts to drain her powers away.After she is attacked by Crux, it is revealed she was experimented on to some measure by The Citadel, which allowed her to retain her power through unconventional means after being hit with technology designed to drain her powers. Roy managed to save her using the flame produced from one his arrows.

Later on she meets Jason & Roy outside Hong Kong airport in a Limousine, informing them she has taken care of all local mode of transportation. Later on they arrive at Jason's secret bunker where they are confronted by Suzie Su. After some discussion a fight breaks out, where Jason kills Suzie Su.

Court of Owl

As the team finished their latest mission, their ship intercepts a message from Alfred Pennyworth who explains that the Court of the Owls have sent multiple Talons across Gotham where they are targeting forty people of interest. They decide to stay and help where they will protect one of the peole in name in Mr. Freeze. While Kori, Jason and Roy are hanging over a frozen part of Gotham going over the plan, Jason manages himself in between the Talon and Freeze. He chases after the Talon while Starfire tries reasoning with Freeze, who is attacking her. However, his methods prove to be ineffective against her scorching body as she keeps melting the ice whilist talking to him about his delusions, until Roy zaps him with a taser arrow. They meet up with Jason and deliver Freeze to Batgirl and leave Gotham.

Return to Tamaran

It was later revealed that Koriand'r was the commander of a Spaceship named "Starfire", the crew consisting of former slaves that she helped free when she herself escaped slavery. The Starfire had returned to earth for Kory because that Tamaran has been taken over by The Blight, a parasitic alien race. Starfire talks to Roy and Jason in private and explains that she and Komand'r her sister, were always not on the best of terms, though they tried. This is mainly because Kory blames her sister and the people of Tamaran for her enslavement, so she is torn whether if she should help them or not. Roy is then kidnapped during an attack on the ship and taken to Tamaran, driving Kori to go to her home planet. Eventually, Kori decided that she cannot leave her people and her sister helpless, so after they rescue Roy, the Outlaws and the crew of the Starfire help Komand'r take back Tamaran, and Kori reconciles with her sister. Later on, Kory's memories are forcefully returned, which leads Roy Harper to discover that she lied about her nonchalance towards relationships. Roy breaks up with her because of his own trust issues (particularly towards Oliver Queen), but the two reconcile later on, resulting in a much more tender relationship, since Kory no longer has to hide her emotions.


Jason's past soon came back to haunt him and the team as they are targeted by All-Caste disapeared due to his connection the organization All Caste, Starfire and her fellow Outlaws are seen jumping out of plane, somewhere over the Himalayas following Jason's descent into a wall. After passing through a wall, they arrive at chamber that was once home to Jason’s training as a boy, and begin to engage in combat against The All Caste. They proceed on towards The Chamber Of All. [1]

Robin - Burt Ward
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The final mission that Koriand'r did with the team was to stop her home planet of Tamaran from being invaded again, this time by the Helspont. When they arrive on the planet they discovered that Komand'r had side with the Helspont in order to ensure the safety of her people and that Tamaran was spared. Koriand'r is devastated, eventually, however, Komand'r hears her sister's pleas and betrays Helspont, destroying him and nearly killing herself in the process. This leads Kory and Roy to break up - though purely out of necessity - as Koriand'r is forced to return to Tamaran, so that Komand'r can get the medical attention she needs. The two share a kiss, and Koriand'r promises to remember Roy for "forever and a day".

Key West

Starfire would eventually return to Earth and starts to live in the Key West, a small coastal town, and appears to have no interest in heroism.. She befriends the local Sheriff, Stella Gomez, who helps her find a place to live and constantly deals with Starfire's naiveté regarding human culture. She had also befriended Stella's widowed brother, Sol (who bears a striking resemblance to Dick Grayson), and later begins dating him. She also befriends Atlee (Prime Earth), a waitress who is secretly a super-powered woman from a civilization living below the Earth's surface. However, despite not wanting be a hero, trouble continues to find her in her new home and she is forced to defend Key West from various threats. After a trip to Atlee's home, Starfire realizes that she should use her powers to help others. Between that and the fact that she lost her job and Sol decided to break up with her, she leaves her friends in Key West and try her hand at being a hero again.

Teen Titans: Rebirth

Due to her former life as slave Starfire had been investigating a human trafficking ring going on in the east coast. Locating the base to near by island while talking to a person who had the info she needed. She soon found herself knocked unconscious and had awakened in an unknown location with several other heroes such as Beast Boy, Raven, Kid Flash .The identity of their captor was revealed to be Robin who kidnapped Koriand'r and the others in order to create a new team of Teen Titans.


  • Tamaranean Physiology: Koriand'r has green eyes with no pupils, orange skin and fiery hair. When she is using her abilities in full force, her hair seems to glow and react like fire. However, this is simply an illusion.[2]
  • Superhuman Strength: Starfire is superhumanly strong and was capable of stopping and holding up an elevator containing both Jason Todd and the obese Suzie Su.
  • Superhuman Durability: Starfire is so durable, she can resist the vacuum of space.
  • Energy Projection: Koriand'r can project her 'starbolts' at her opponents in a variety of ways. The energy is burning hot and melts or destroys most metal objects and skin. It is unknown where this energy comes from.[3]
  • Flight: Koriand'r can use her energy to push herself through the sky. This only works when gravity is affecting her, and she cannot fly unaided in space.[4][5]
  • Superhuman Stamina[6]
  • Linguistic Assimilation: She is also capable of assimilating other languages through physical contact with another person.
  • Energy Absorption
  • Self-Sustenance


  • Aviation: Koriand'r has piloted a few alien spacecrafts that she was not accustomed to. She later stole and refitted her own spacecraft which she became the commander of.[7]
  • Firearms: Koriand'r has been using guns since she was first imprisoned as the princess of Tamaran and has used them against her captors and enemies since. However she prefers using her own natural energy blasts rather than guns.[8]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Koriand'r was taught basic combat moves as a young girl and continued to train through her kidnapping and beyond. Although trained, she often brutally attacks her opponents with reckless abandon in which she doesn't use her skills.[9]
  • Swordsmanship: Koriand'r has been seen using swords on a number of occasions. She prefers using her own fists to weapons but her skill in them allowed her to chop the hands off an opponent before he could react.[10]
  • Medicine [11]
  • Intimidation [12]
  • Leadership [13]
  • Tactical Analysis [14]



  • H.M.S.S. Starfire (Destroyed): The Starfire is a large spacecraft commandeered, crewed and repaired by Starfire and then used by her to travel through space.



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