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Krypton (Earth-Prime)

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Quote1 Ladies and gentlemen of the Science Council... Krypton is doomed! Quote2
-- Jor-El


Krypton was an Earth-like planet in orbit around a red star. Its native population was a scientifically advanced humanoid culture who based its governmental structure on science rather than moral philosophy. However, despite their advanced intellect, the Kryptonians were unable to predict the fate of their world until it was too late.

A scientist named Jor-El was the first to notice that Krypton's sun was becoming unstable, generating intense solar flare activity that threatened to consume their world. He addressed his concerns to the reigning Science Council, but rather than take immediate action, they chose instead to deliberate in committee. Jor-El knew that destruction was imminent and there was not enough time to wait for a proper, measured solution.

His wife Lara and he began work on a special transportation device. They designed the machine to teleport large quantities of matter across subspace distances galaxies away. It was his hope that he might be able to ferry fully populated cities to an adoptive home world safe from the savage upheaval of the unstable red star. Their first prototype model was a small device that could only harness enough power to safely transmit small volumes of matter, no greater than fifty Kryptonian pounds.

Within days, Krypton began to suffer the first of many side effects from exposure to the intense ultraviolet radiation. The planet's mantle began to shift and groundquakes and volcanic eruptions surged across the globe. Radical gravitational shifts disrupted the electromagnetic spectrum causing bizarre changes in tidal currents and adverse behavior in Krypton's wildlife.

Jor-El knew that the time had come. The Science Council had come no farther in developing a solution than it had the day that he first addressed them. Aware of the fate that lay in store for them, Jor-El and Lara decided to test their teleportation device on their infant son, Kal-El. They safely transmitted his atoms across the galaxy where he safely rematerialized on a planet known as Earth-Prime. Moments later, Krypton's sun generated a massive radioactive solar flare, which consumed the planet. Everyone on the planet, including Jor-El and Lara died instantly.


  • The inhabitants of Krypton's respective dimension referred to the planet as Krypton, not Krypton-Prime. Krypton-Prime is an out-of-universe naming convention designed to distinguish it from the Krypton of other parallel dimensions.
  • Alternate Pre-Crisis versions of Krypton revolved around a star named Rao. Whether Rao was likewise the name of Krypton-Prime's star has never been revealed.

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