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L. Miller & Sons

Official Name
L. Miller & Sons

Len Miller; Arnold Miller

Former Staff
Mick Anglo

London, England


L.Miller & Son published a variety of comic books in England from the 1940s through to the mid 1960s, most of them reprints of US originated material from King Features, Fawcett Publications, Charlton Comics and others. Characters included the Phantom, Beetle Bailey, Flash Gordon and in particular, Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family. When, in 1954, DC's legal action against Fawcett caused the Captain Marvel reprints to dry up, they got writer/artist Mick Anglo to create a modified version of the character, Marvelman (complete with his own 'Marvelman Family') and published new, UK originated stories featuring him until 1963. Miller's went out of business in 1966, though Quality Communications resurrected Marvelman in Warrior magazine in 1982. More recently, the rights to the early stories have been obtained by Marvel Comics from Mick Anglo.

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