LANOS (Lightspeed Astronomical Navigational Operating System) was intended to be Aya's successor A.I. for the Interceptor. He spoke in a cheery, overly-enthusiastic voice. Unlike Aya, this A.I. was mechanical by comparison, and was oblivious to the comfort or opinions of the Interceptor's passengers.

Hal Jordan and Kilowog immediately took to disliking LANOS on their first encounter. When they learned that Aya was to be dissected on Oa, Hal and Kilowog removed Aya's data core from her body and switched it with LANOS'. When LANOS awoke on arrival of The Science Director, he repeatedly claimed that he was not Aya, but LANOS. The Science Director thought it to be Aya's self-preservation mechanism.

LANOS was later reinstated as the Interceptor's A.I. after Aya went rogue, much to the annoyance of Hal, Kilowog and Razer.

LANOS either went missing or was destroyed along with the Interceptor when Hal Jordan set the ship on an ultra-warp collision course with Aya/The Anti-Monitor.