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When Tess Mercer awakened at Cadmus Labs, she found the young Lex clone, who went by the name of "Alexander". She asked who the other people were and Alexander replied that they were his brothers. While he wasn't paying attention, Tess released an older clone of Lex who had all of their original self's memories. She told Alexander to run away, which he did. Later at the Luthor Mansion, Alexander played with Lex's old soldier toys, while Tess gave him a glass of milk. Unknown to Tess, Alexander had placed one of the toys within the nearby fireplace prior to her arrival. When Tess discovered Alexander's intellect was far superior than the average child, she planned to send him away for further testing. She also revealed that he was aging abnormally fast. However after joining forces with Clark Kent and Oliver Queen and taking up the mantle of Watchtower from the missing Chloe Sullivan, she reconsidered and decided that what Alexander needed was love. Upon taking advice from Cat Grant, Tess read Peter Pan to Alexander. He then told her that he loved her, to which Tess began to cry, as she had never been truly loved by anyone, and continued to read the story.

As much as Tess delved herself to prevent Alexander from falling off a righteous path that she was on, to be better than Lex was or what he used to be, it seemed inevitable that he return to his true nature. Tess gave Alexander a birthday party with many young children to celebrate with him, and as he was enjoying it, he started drawing on a paper plate the House of El emblem. With that stroke of memory, Alexander had a seizure which Tess and the therapist ran to his aid. Stealing a key from Tess, he ran from the mansion to find out where his memories are connected to for he believes that the Wearer of the El Symbol is evil and wants to kill him. Alexander started remembering the times his original self spent in the Kent Farm with Clark, as he looked through the pictures in the book. Tess managed to find him, however she realized that she was too late, as not only did Alexander remember Lex's past but also the emotions that came along with them when Clark and Lex drifted away from each other. Tess continued to reach out to him, but he drifted away believing that she only wanted to help so she could redeem herself from her evil deeds that she committed. And once Alexander struck a nerve about the powerful men in her life, Tess struck him. And for that, Alexander refused her help for good: for he was now calling himself "Lex". As he drew the House of El emblem in his papers, Alexander had shaved his head, redeeming Lex's trademark bald-headed figure, with a demented smirk on his face.

Weeks later, Tess Mercer had moved Alexander to a locked room in Cadmus Labs. He had continued to draw the House of El symbol but had escaped, only leaving behind a book Tess had read to him, stating that he was "all grown up now", much to the horror of Clark and Tess when discovered that Alexander had escaped.

After shooting at Martha Kent in order to kill Clark, Alexander was found by an alternate reality Lionel Luthor in Suicide Slums. Lionel decided to aid Alexander in his goal to rectify the wrongs he made in the past. Alexander and Lionel took LuthorCorp back from Tess and Oliver Queen, and decided to do away with Lionel and Martha. At the loft, Alexander held Clark and Tess at gunpoint but was stopped by Clark's words and Tess's heart-warming words. When Alexander was starting to feel even more deteriorated, Tess tried to stop his suffering by killing him but the injection needle she used bent over his skin.

After sometime of hiding him, and during start of his metamorphosis which resulted in him losing his memories as Alexander Luthor, LX-15 started manifesting the Kryptonian half of Clark Kent's DNA. His hair is changed to black, and was taken in by the doctors as his name was changed to be CNR, otherwise known as Conner. While Tess and Clark were talking in the Kent house, Conner demonstrating his power of super strength by lifting the tractor in the barn. Now he was being taken under Clark's wing to be given guidance, wanted to know more and more about himself. He realized that he and Clark were a lot alike, started understand the exact nature and cause of his heat vision when he sees Lois Lane. Clark then started training Conner, like he did for Kara to control his powers. Conner later overheard Clark and Lois talk about him having parts of Lex Luthor inside. He was soon found by Lionel Luthor, and used Red Kryptonite in the form of a ring to release Conner's rebelious side. Conner watched as Lionel was about to kill Lois, but he then used his super speed to whisk her away to safety. Due to the ring, Conner's emotions got the better of him as he wanted to have Lois all to himself, however Clark was able to destroy the ring. Lionel appeared and used Kryptonite on Clark, just so he can get Conner out but he stayed to help Clark. Clark then invited Conner to be part of his family, earning the name Conner Kent, and attending Smallville High School. Conner designed a t-shirt with the House of El emblem in red on his chest.

Soon after Conner went to Washington D.C. to visit Martha Kent.





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