Tess Mercer opened a locked door in the Cadmus Labs and released an older clone of Lex Luthor, who managed to ignite the entire lab, destroying the other imperfect Lex Luthor clones. "Lex" then attacked Lois Lane at the Kent Farm and took her to Lawson's Field, the same place where his original self saved Clark Kent when he was strung up as a scarecrow during Clark's freshman year. He tied Lois to the same cross and explained to her who exactly he was. "Lex" then set the field around Lois on fire, leaving her to burn.

Clark arrived at the field and spoke with "Lex" who then revealed that the original Lex had been killed in the truck explosion that Oliver Queen had caused two years prior. "Lex" blamed Clark for everything that had happened to him in his original self's life. "Lex" told him that it was pride that made Clark become the man he is. Clark, enraged by the things "Lex" said to him, strangled him, nearly killing the clone of his former friend but noticed that his nose began to bleed. "Lex" revealed he was already dying, his mutated body decaying but before he died, told Clark that he had to make a choice, either save Lois or save the people of Metropolis after Lex had planted bombs on the top of the Daily Planet. He hoped that no matter what the choice, Clark would no longer be seen as a hero, not being fast enough to save both. The clone died as Clark sped off to prevent the death of Lois at the crucifix and the death of citizens in the rush hour under the falling Daily Planet globe, proving "Lex" wrong.



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