La Bruja is the name used by an elderly witch who operates out of a small shop called Botanica de Natinidad. A former follower of Santeria, La Bruja has since evolved beyond putting faith in "plaster saints" and has expanded her own knowledge and power. She claimed to have possessed an acute perception of the world around her, citing that she could see and hear everything taking place in the city. La Bruja's shop catered to desperate women who came to her for advice, spiritual healing or medicinal supplies. She has been regarded as "part shrink... part godfather".

La Bruja was connected to an act of vandalism at a nearby hospital which resulted in the thefts of several units of plasma. The nocturnal vigilante known as the Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) decided to go undercover to investigate La Bruja. La Bruja immediately saw through Helena's deception and decided to reveal her true face to her -- that of an aged, yet powerful old crone. La Bruja also recognized Helena's commitment towards justice and avenging women who have become victims of violence. La Bruja made Helena an offer -- one that involved both of them helping each other.