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Lamplight, also called Lamplighter, was one of the seven members of a super-secret Stormwatch team created by Henry Bendix. The team consisted of Apollo and the Midnighter, Lamplight himself, the speedster Impetus, the sonic flier Crow Jane, the super-strong woman Amaze, and the reptilian Stalker.

When they took on their hero identities, Bendix erased all memory of their previous selves, so leaving very little about Lamplight except that his power apparently allowed him to raise dead spirits and give them temporary physical form to do his bidding.

When the team's first mission went wrong, Bendix disabled their transfer technology and let them die. Only Apollo and the Midnighter survived.

Years later, long after Bendix's death, the Authority and Stormwatch explored a secret bunker Bendix set up to clone himself into a super-powered body. The site was guarded by zombie clones of the first team, including Lamplighter, but the joint superhero teams put the zombie clones out of their misery.



  • Interstellar Power Lamp: Made of unknown metallic material, the lamp is a energy renewing battery capable of many feats. It is commonly implanted into the body of the wielder and is mentally controlled.


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