Quote1 I know what I need to do with my life now. Life is so precious, so beautiful and to be able to protect that, that's an amazing gift. Quote2
-- Lana Lang src

History of character has not yet been written.


  • Psychic Link: Following exposure to Kryptonite, Lana became psychically linked to deputy Gary Watts, allowing her to see through his eyes. She lost this ability following the death of Watts.[1]



  • A photograph of Lana was taken at the time of the first meteor shower and appeared on the cover of Time Magazine. A copy of this cover was part of a montage of photographs seen on Chloe Sullivan's "Wall of Weird".[4]
  • Her personal net worth is around 10 million dollars. [citation needed]
  • Lana created two businesses, the Talon and the Isis Foundation.



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