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Quote1 I know what I need to do with my life now. Life is so precious, so beautiful and to be able to protect that, that's an amazing gift. Quote2
-- Lana Lang src

History of character is unknown.




  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series Smallville and its tie-in and comic book series, Smallville and Smallville Season 11. It is an adaptation of Lana Lang. The original character was created by Bill Finger and John Sikela and first appeared in Superboy #10.
  • The role of Lana Lang was played by actress Kristin Kreuk, with Jade Unterman portraying her in flashbacks in Seasons One and Two, with Miranda Cosgrove voicing the younger Lana in the Pilot. Louise Grant portrayed an old and dying Lana, in a vision, in the episode "Hereafter".
  • Smallville Universe Lana Lang become a superheroine just like two of her DCU counterparts. Within the DCU, Lana Lang of Earth One and Two have also become superheroines. She uses two different codenames, Insect Queen, which is the most Iconic of the two and Gravity Girl.
  • A photograph of Lana was taken at the time of the first meteor shower and appeared on the cover of Time Magazine. A copy of this cover was part of a montage of photographs seen on Chloe Sullivan's "Wall of Weird".[4]
  • Her personal net worth is around 10 million dollars. [citation needed]
  • Lana created two businesses, the Talon and the Isis Foundation.



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