Lance Lewis was a time traveler from the 22nd Century. He traveled back in time to be part of what he called "The last good war" (World War II). After the war, Lewis found he could not return to his native time period. So he unpacked his jetpack and his rocket guns, encouraged his friend and army buddy Grant Halford to dig out his inventions and become Science Heroes. When asked if he knew when he was going to die, he responded: "Sure. But it's like that story, Appointment in Samarra. Just because I know doesn't mean I can change it. I'll die when it's my time. Not a day before, not a day later." A week before he vanished, he left Halford a note that read "Gone to Samara. Vaya condios! L.L.". He was murdered by Mystico to obtain the heart of a time traveler.[1]




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