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Quote1 Infuriating. Willful. Just now seventeen. Her father's daughter. Strong. Smart. And, darling - she flies. She'd love to meet you. She pines for you. She's confused--about things only you could possibly explain. Quote2
-- Wonder Woman src

Lara, the future Supergirl from a future where Lex Luthor and Brainiac control the Earth, is the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman. She has thus inherited both Kryptonian and Amazon powers from her parents. She's likely named for her grandmother, Lara Lor-Van.

She was instrumental in the final overthrow of Brainiac, and the rescue of the bottle city of Kandor. Lara grew up on Paradise Island, never knowing much of her father. Her parents wanted to keep her hidden from Luthor and Brainiac's ever-watchful gaze, as Superman knew that they would want to control her much like they try to control him.

When she finally met her father, she eagerly asked him all sorts of questions. She finally revealed herself during the open war with Brainiac, and helped to defeat him.

One year later, Lara was involved in the war against the Master Race. Encountering a resident of Kandor, named Baal, she agreed to work at sizing the people of Kandor to their normal size with the help of Dr. Ray Palmer, the Atom. Unfortunately for Palmer, the Kryptonian exiles of Kandor attempted to crush him under their feet and Baal's leader, Quar, had orchestrated a genocide of the less fanatical residents and was preparing to kill Kal-El and conquer Earth upon becoming resized and freed from Kandor.

Lara accompanied Baal and attacked her father before reconsidering allegiances with the showing of Baal's disregard for human life and her mother's intervention. She travelled to Themyscira to help protect her infant brother. She played a pivotal role in the final battle in tossing Quar into the Sun to prevent his nuclear self-destruct ability from causing damage to the Earth. Both she and Quar disappeared into the Sun.

Two months later, it was shown that Lara had in fact survived launching Quar into the Sun and that she and her brother were living with her father in downtown Metropolis. Clark offers to show her how life in the world of humanity will be like, and she and her father conclude with a walk along the city streets.




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