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Larfleeze Vol 1 5


Larfleeze Vol 1 5

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"Triumph of the Orange Lanterns: Enslaved": Awakening from his battle with the Orange Lanterns, Larfleeze finds himself bound in a construct cage, held by chains, hovering over the rest of the Corps as they debate about who will be the first to torture him. As they discuss, Tammal Tayn suggests

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Synopsis for "Triumph of the Orange Lanterns: Enslaved"

Awakening from his battle with the Orange Lanterns, Larfleeze finds himself bound in a construct cage, held by chains, hovering over the rest of the Corps as they debate about who will be the first to torture him. As they discuss, Tammal Tayn suggests that they make a new life for themselves by using Larfleeze to rebuild the dead world they are making their refuge on- claiming that their loved ones are long dead, and if they could rise from their death, why not a new homeworld do the same?

Meanwhile, Sena and Stargrave speak on the Wanderer's newly conquered planet, which she reveals Dyrge has named "Sorrow". As they speak, Stargrave's words trigger a memory of his new mistress, reminding her why she has come to Sorrow- to warn Dyrge of a group known as the Council of Ten. As she takes off to warn her sister, she leaves Stargrave behind, who realizes this is his chance to escape and forge a new, independent life for himself.

Finding Larfleeze uncooperative as their slave, the Orange Lanterns begin to torture him to do their bidding. Resisting their every attempt, Larfleeze is able to bite off Sound Dancer's finger when his hand gets too close. In a fit of rage, Dancer creates a massive construct to crush Larfleeze and kill him, but is stopped by Warp Wrap who argues that they're not addicted to the Orange Light- they're just defenseless in a cold, dangerous galaxy without it, while Clypta claims that if Dancer wants revenge for his finger, he can always take a part of Larfleeze so long as he doesn't kill him. With that, they raise the beaten Larfleeze to his feet and take him to rebuild the planet.

Back on Sorrow, Sena is unable to convince Dyrge of All Sorrows that the Council of Ten are a threat to them. Their people, the House of Tuath-Dan, have been at war with the Council for as long as they can remember, and the House has always prevailed because the Council is unable to make a unified decision. While Sena argues that the fact that they have chosen to follow the House to this new universe is proof that they've finally made an agreed upon decision, Dyrge dismisses the notion that they are now acting as one- believing it to be more likely that the Council will spend another billion years before coming to another unified conclusion. She tells Sena that if she is so concerned, she should take her butler and go investigate the Council's actions, as she is too busy with a war with their fellow House-member, Errata. Taking off, Sena quickly finds Stargrave at the Starport, and takes him with her off into the cosmos.

After concluding his torture, the Orange Lanterns toss Larfleze into a dungeon, where he begins to see a hallucination of his mother. The hallucination forces Larfleeze to remember how he truly gained his freedom from slavery originally- he had betrayed and sold out his fellow slaves to gain the trust and love of his masters, and that he was never a hero who freed the slaves and rose against his overlords. The revelation leaves Larfleeze rocking back and forth, crying out that the hallucination is a liar, but it has already faded...


  • This book was first published on November 27, 2013.
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