Lark is the Penguin's personal chauffeur and bodyguard. She escorted the Penguin when he tried to recruit the brilliant engineer Harold Allnut to help defeat Batman. When they find him the mistake him for a homeless man as he was been beaten by gang of thugs. Lark tries to save him, but Penguin allowed the teenagers to finish the job, then ordered her to retrieve him. [1]

To keep Harold on their side, Penguin orders Lark to give him a massage, but he refused as she found Harold repulsive. Penguin promises her that she can kill Harold once he is done with him. She escorts Penguin and Harold to his personal chalet. With Harold on their side the Penguin tells her that he plans on eliminating him.

However she could not find Harold anywhere. They hold and auction for Arctic Enterprise's new controlled birds. One of the bidders laughed at the idea of using birds as a weapon. To prove a point he then used the birds to drop a grenade on him. But Batman arrives to stop them. [2]


  • Peak Human Strength: She can lift at least 700lbs with extreme effort as Batman commented that he was unable to break her grip when she was strangling him with a shower curtain.
  • Master Martial Artist: Lark is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and a competent member of Penguin's henchmen.
  • Trained Gunman: She is also an excellent marksman, holding her own against a number of Black Mask's agents while holding the Penguin in one of her arms.



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