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Laurel Gand was a Daxamite superheroine, and a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. She and her cousin Eltro Gand are descended from Del Gand, the older brother of 20th Century hero Valor. As a Daxamite, she gains superhuman powers and abilities from being near a yellow sun, rendering her a vastly above average combatant. Laurel first appeared as a side effect of the time-altering Glorith recreating the universe in her own image.[1] Laurel's parents names were Lauren Gand and Zavrel Kama[2]

As a child Laurel lived with her parents on one of the orbiting space stations that, among other things, served as a line of defense against invasion. Her mother, the station commander, insisted that Laurel know how to operate the station's weapons, training that proved critical when the Khunds attacked. Laurel was able to activate the defenses, utterly destroying the Khundian fleet and earning her both their fear and their enmity. She was declared an enemy of the Khundish empire. To ensure her safety, she was given a secret identity and sent to Earth where her Daxamite physiology would help protect her. Shortly afterward, she was invited to join the fledgling Legion of Super-Heroes.[3]

Laurel's career in the Legion was long-lived and successful, and during her tenure, she even began a relationship with and eventually married long-time Legion ally Rond Vidar. The two of them had a daughter, whom they named Lauren. After sustaining massive injuries from a battle against Khunds,[4] she died[5] and was buried along with all of the other dead Legionnaires on Shanghalla.[6] Her SW6 doppelganger survived and was a member of the Legionnaires. Shortly afterwards, both were erased from history entirely during Zero Hour.[7]




  • Vulnerability to Lead: A Daxamite's major weakness is a vulnerability to lead, which does not exist on their planet. Any exposure to lead causes pain and weakness permanently, even after she is taken to safety. Her vision cannot melt or penetrate lead.


  • Legion Flight Ring: All Legionnaires are provided with a flight ring that enabled them to sustain movement through the air by manipulating gravity.




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