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"...And Let Slip the Dogs of War!": Young Lisa Sutton runs towards a crowd of angry protestors in the hopes of convincing them that the world needs heroes. Her friend, Billy Batson, chases after her, but is too late to prevent a falling

Quote1 Looks like it's finally party time! Quote2
-- Guy Gardner

Appearing in "...And Let Slip the Dogs of War!"

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Synopsis for "...And Let Slip the Dogs of War!"

Young Lisa Sutton runs towards a crowd of angry protestors in the hopes of convincing them that the world needs heroes. Her friend, Billy Batson, chases after her, but is too late to prevent a falling piece of debris from striking her in the head. Witnessing his friend in mortal danger, Billy finally realizes that she was right all along – the world needs heroes. Billy speaks the magic word, “Shazam” and transforms into Captain Marvel. The instant he appears as Captain Marvel, he realizes that Macro-Man's death was a hoax. But he barely has time to deal with the mob before him when Dr. Fate appears and summons Captain Marvel to come with him.

In Star City, the Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance) beats up a crew of armored criminals known as the Laser League. After repelling them with her canary cry, she finds Dr. Fate hovering above her waiting for her. He summons her to his side.

In Los Angeles, Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) tackles a low-rent super-villain known as Sunspot. He easily captures him, but Sunspot attempts to get away. In doing so, he blasts his own foot off with his plasma-burst powers. Dr. Fate arrives and takes Guy Gardner away.

In New York City, the Flash (Wally West) and Changeling try valiantly to keep the peace as they battle angry citizens, Captain Boomerang (Digger Harkness) and a horde of Warhounds. Dr. Fate appears before them and beckons them to aid him.

Fate continues teleporting all across the nation gathering together heroes he feels will be integral to the coming struggle. He gathers together the Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), Batman and Superman.

Meanwhile, Captain Boomerang threatens to appear on live television and publicly reveal his involvement with Task Force X. Amanda Waller sends Rick Flag and the other members of the Suicide Squad to stop him – by any means necessary. Waller is perfectly content with the notion of assassinating Boomerang, but Flag insists on taking him alive if at all possible.

In Washington DC, G. Gordon Godfrey speaks on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. He has intensified his persuasion abilities upon the masses and has legions of followers ready to wreak destruction at his command. Dr. Fate and his cadre of heroes arrive ready to do battle.

In Gotham City, Jason Todd hobbles out of his room dressed in his Robin uniform to join them.


  • Darkseid's armor is incorrectly colored purple on one page of this issue.
  • The character of Sunspot, as seen in this issue, is not to be confused with the Marvel Comics character of the same name. 1st and only appearance to date.


  • The title of this story and the previous issue's comes from a line in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, which goes "Cry 'havoc', and let slip the dogs of war!"
  • This comic book features advertisements for the following products:
—M&M chocolate candy
—Mile High Comics comic book back-issue catalogue
—Intergalactic Trading Company, Inc. – Star Trek collectibles
—DC Comics – Captain Atom comic book series debut
—DC Comics – Detective Comics #572: The Doomsday Book (50th anniversary issue)
—DC Comics – Shazam: A New Beginning four-issue limited series
—DC Comics comic book subscription service
—DC Comics – Legends crossover comic books: Cosmic Boy #4, Adventures of Superman #426, Action Comics #586, Warlord #115 and Legends #5

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