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Legion Vol 1 17


Legion Vol 1 17

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"Revival of the Fittest: Part One": M'Onel visits Ra's al Ghul in prison. He asks Ra's for help.

Quote1 Ra's al Ghul, on behalf of the Legion of Super-Heroes I'm here to ask for your help. Quote2
-- M'Onel

Appearing in "Revival of the Fittest: Part One"

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Synopsis for "Revival of the Fittest: Part One"

M'Onel visits Ra's al Ghul in prison. He asks Ra's for help.

A Robotican ambush drone keeps Legionnaires busy on the planet Xanthu.

M'onel brings Ra's al Ghul to Legion World. During transport, Ra's tries to escape and there is an explosion that seems to take his life.


  • This book was first published on February 26, 2003.
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