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in: Dick Giordano/Executive Editor, Keith Giffen/Cover Artist, Larry Mahlstedt/Cover Artist
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Paul Levitz/Writer, Keith Giffen/Writer, Keith Giffen/Penciler, Larry Mahlstedt/Inker, Carl Gafford/Colourist, John Costanza/Letterer, Karen Berger/Editor, Lar Gand (Pre-Zero Hour)/Quotes, Legion of Super-Heroes (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Reep Daggle (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Gim Allon (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Nura Nal (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Ayla Ranzz (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Lar Gand (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Tasmia Mallor (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Salu Digby (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Thom Kallor (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Brin Londo (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Jo Nah (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Computo (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Yera Allon (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Zymyr (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Legion of Super-Villains (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Laevar Bolto (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Mekt Ranzz (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Lalo Muldron (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Hart Druiter (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Ol-Vir (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Roy Travich (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Ron-Karr (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Nigal Douglous (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Marte Allon (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, 30th Century/Appearances, Daxam/Appearances, Earth/Appearances, Metropolis/Appearances, Legion of Super-Heroes Headquarters/Appearances, Takron-Galtos/Appearances, Ventura/Appearances, Winath/Appearances, Legion Flight Ring/Appearances, Legion Cruiser/Appearances, Comics, 1984, 1984, August, 1984, June (Publication), Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 3, Copper-Age, Synopsis Written

Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 3 1


Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 3 1

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"Here a Villain, There a Villain...": Lightning Lord stands within his castle conspiring with a group of shadowy figures. He vows to finally destroy his brother, Garth Ranzz.

Quote1 I'd hate to break every bone in your body without you knowing who did it. Quote2
-- Mon-El

Appearing in "Here a Villain, There a Villain..."

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Bili (Single appearance)
  • M. Wayne (First appearance)
  • Marte Allon (newspaper)
  • Sara (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Here a Villain, There a Villain..."

Lightning Lord stands within his castle conspiring with a group of shadowy figures. He vows to finally destroy his brother, Garth Ranzz.

On the planet, Ventura, Star Boy and Dream Girl visit a gambling hall. A criminal named Micro Lad and his robot servant break into the casino and begin shooting at several patrons. Micro Lad attempts to steal the casino's credit chips, but Star Boy and Dream Girl force him to retreat. He uses his shrinking powers to escape into the casino's lower levels. However, he runs into Shrinking Violet, who quickly takes him down. Before she can arrest him however, a dimensional rift opens up and Micro Lad is pulled into it.

On Daxam, several members of the Legion survey the terrain. Mon-El receives an emergency communiqué informing him that a renegade Daxamite is wreaking havoc on Takron-Galtos. The Legion flies to the prison world where they find Ol-Vir creating a wake of massive devastation. Mon-El flies into a rage and attacks Ol-Vir. During the fight, another dimensional rift opens up, and a disembodied voice draws Ol-Vir inside. The voice declares that he is to become part of the new Legion of Super-Heroes.

On Winath, a private investigator working for Timber Wolf spies on Ayla Rannz. He makes a record of her activity and downloads it into a computer scanner.

Back on Earth, Gim Allon and his wife, Yera, return home and settle into their apartment. Gim reads a vid and learns that his mother, Marte Allon, has resigned as President of the United Planets.



  • Marte Allon resigns as Earthgov president in this issue.
  • Investigator M. Wayne will be revealed as a descendant of Bruce Wayne in issue #7.
  • Blok, Dawnstar and Wildfire appear on the cover to this issue, but do not actually appear in the interior story.

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