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Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 3 50


Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 3 50

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"Life and Death at the End of Time": The Legion of Super-Heroes finally battles the Time Trapper at the end of time. In the battle, a Legionnaire dies, a Green Lantern returns, and the Legion is never the same again.

Quote1 All things have ended here, even those that never began. Dreams have crumbled to dust, and lives faded out of memory. In all the universe, it seems there only remaining energy enough to swirl the fragments of the past and abandon hope of the future... They called this the End of Time and pray it will not come in their lifetimes. They have called him by a 1000 names. He is Night, Death, Apocalypse, Eternity, Entropy, Time. To all that live, all that moves, all that hope that tomorrow will dawn, he is the enemy. This is his kingdom and its day has come Quote2

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Synopsis for "Life and Death at the End of Time"

The Legion of Super-Heroes finally battles the Time Trapper at the end of time. In the battle, a Legionnaire dies, a Green Lantern returns, and the Legion is never the same again.


  • This is apparently the death of the Time Trapper. However, he will resurface in several years and reveal that he stayed alive by hiding a portion of himself in Mon-El's mind. Then, Mon-El kills him and erases all of his influence from the universe.[1] There is a power vacuum, and Glorith takes the Trapper's powers, replaces him and takes his position in history to create the Glorithverse.[2] In this new version of reality, the fight scene in this issue is replaced by an almost identical team of Legionnaires confronting Glorith on Baaldur.[3]


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