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"Five Years Later...": It's five years after the Magic Wars, and the Legion of Super-Heroes has been out of action for a long time. On Durla, Reep Daggle decides that it'

Quote1 You can't kill a dream. Quote2
-- Reep Daggle

Appearing in "Five Years Later..."

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Synopsis for "Five Years Later..."

It's five years after the Magic Wars, and the Legion of Super-Heroes has been out of action for a long time. On Durla, Reep Daggle decides that it's time to put the team back together.

On Braal, Rokk Krinn wakes up after having a nightmare flashing back to the wars against Imsk. After spending his morning with wife Lydda, he is called to see his old friend Loomis.

Having just been released from stockade in the Imskian army, Salu Digby is offered an honorable discharge from her superior officers in exchange for a promise to keep quiet about what went on in Venado Bay. Salu disagrees, and is dishonorably discharged from the army, still to her delight. Having finally been cut free of her service, Salu prepares to rejoin Ayla on Winath.

Rokk meets Loomis, and to his surprise, Cham shows up as well. Cham tries to convince him to help restart the Legion, although Rokk insists that having lost his powers in the Braal-Imsk War, he is useless. Cham persists, believing Rokk, regardless of his former identity as Cosmic Boy to be the foundation of the Legion. After remembering the Legion's beginning, Rokk agrees to join up with Cham, who, anticipating his decision, has already had Lydda pack their bags.


  • This issue is dedicated to the memory of John Forte, too often overlooked.
  • The back of this issue contains three text documents portrayed through Omnicom.
  • U.P. Tech-Economy Problems, Not Khunds, Caused '89 Collapse, Says Rebirth Summit - a piece of investigative journalism by Daily Planet reporter Megan O'Ryan. This is dated January 21st, 2992.
  • A Personal Communique from Tayla Wellington, Earth President - a letter written to Earthgov by the President, addressing problems with the Legion of Super-Heroes, and both the reasons they should be disbanded, and intended methods to disband them. Dated April 13th, 2990.
  • A Personal Communique from Brek Bannin - an angry letter sent from Legion Leader Polar Boy to Tayla Wellington informing her of the retirement of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • There is also a commercial for Flight Ring Village, a vacation spot, shortly after the main events of the issue. Dated July 6th, 2992.


  • This issue contains a number of flashbacks.

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