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Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 5 2


Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 5 2

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"Tomorrow's Heroes Today!": The United Planets Council are threatened by an assassin posing as the translator to Ambassador S*Quir of Acaria, but are rescued by Karate Kid, Element Lad and Dream Girl. At the

Quote1 War is coming... and soon. A time of brutality and suffering leading to the loss of millions of lives. Young lives. I've seen it. Draftees mobilized throughout the U.P. and sent to their deaths. And, Brainy, you know my predictions always come true. There's one man at the center of the dream. I don't recognize him, but I saw him clearly. Whoever he is, he will create a conflict that will affect all sentient life... ...and the Naltorian army will be the first to die. Quote2
-- Dream Girl

Appearing in "Tomorrow's Heroes Today!"

Featured Characters:


  • Lemnos (First appearance) (In dream sequence only)
  • Unnamed Assassin

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "Tomorrow's Heroes Today!"

The United Planets Council are threatened by an assassin posing as the translator to Ambassador S*Quir of Acaria, but are rescued by Karate Kid, Element Lad and Dream Girl. At the Headquarters, Brainiac 5 complains to Cosmic Boy about the randomness and unreliability of Dream Girl's predictions. Dream Girl then asks Cosmic Boy to bring Karate Kid and Shadow Lass to a mission on Naltor, where no one under the age of 18 years has been able to sleep for nine days.
Dream Girl's dream of wars

Dream Girl's dream of wars.

When they arrive, Dream Girl demonstrates the emergency by bringing a crazed Naltorian kid to the High Seer. Dream Girl explains the nature of Naltorian precognitive visions, and Naltorians unable to see the future would be in a state that would be like being cursed with perpetual amnesia for an Earthling. Brainiac 5 solves the mystery by putting his flight ring on the kid, and he immidiatley falls asleep. As flight rings cloak detection from the Public Service, it does not take long time for Brainy to figure out what is causing the sleeplessness. Brainiac 5 flies away, and the other Legionnaires are apprehended by two Precommandos, law enforcers of Naltor. The Precommandos are overwun quickly, and Dream Girl comes to the conclusion that the only reason the Naltorian government decided to filter away sleep, must be that it is something that they don't want the kids to see. Dream Girl goes to sleep (with some "help" of Shadow Lass) and sees coming devastating wars. She wakes up and flies after Brainy. They arrive at the Public Service broadcast tower, where Brainy tries to remove the sleeping filter. The High Seer and Precommandos appear to persuade the Legion to let it be, but they fail.

Back at the Headquarters, Brainiac 5 tells Dream Girl that, considering the millions that now knows the truth about the wars, that one or more persons may be so moved by the vision that they find a way to avert it, and thus, the Naltorian visions don't have to be infallible. Dream Girl responds that he'll feel different when they're married.


  • This book was first published on January 26, 2005.
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