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Quote1 I am dismissive of you, Light Lass--and your opposite number, Star Boy--because your abilities would indicate to me that you are conceivably two of the most powerful sentient beings in the universe, and you treat your powers like they're party tricks. Quote2
-- Brainiac 5

Appearing in "Follow the Leader!"

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Synopsis for "Follow the Leader!"

Brainiac 5 tries to figure out next planet which is going to be invaded by the barbarians who destroyed Orando, when Invisible Kid interrupts him by showing him a screen with the test "COLU IS NEXT". Brainy, Light Lass, Chameleon and Saturn Girl travels to Colu to investigate. While there, they don't manage to find any Coluan who still haven't been almost completely mindwiped.

While alone (or so they think at first) Light Lass notices that Chameleon's antennae are scanning for something that's not visible. Light Lass tells everybody to stabilize their positions with their flight rings, and Chameleon to transform into a huge beast, while she creates an enourmous anti-gravity field, which rips apart big parts of the rooftop they were standing on. Brainy is suddenly seeing Lemnos, but does not recognize him at first. Brainy asks him who he is, and Brainy's memories returns (with the memory of him sending the message "COLU IS NEXT" to himself, before his memory of Lemnos was wiped out for the first time). Lemnos flees, but not before Brainy promises to remember what Lemnos did to Colu. Meanwhile, on Earth, five Legionnaires enters Brainy's lab without his permission, hoping to find out it's secrets.


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