The Legion of Super-Heroes is 31st century's main super-team, founded by Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, three teenagers inspired by the legacy of Superman.

Meeting Clark Kent

Rokk Krinn, Garth Ranzz and Imra Ardeen traveled through time back to the 21st century to stop the Persuader from killing Superman, aka Clark Kent. They found him to be at Clark's barn where he had just returned from seeing Jimmy Olsen off to Star City. After he had cut open his abdomen, Rokk took away his Atomic Axe using his ability of magnetism control and Imra distracted him using telepathy long enough for Garth to knock him out using his electricity before Rokk took away his stolen Legion ring sending him back to the 31st century.

Rokk, Garth, and Imra then introduced themselves to Clark as the Legion of Super-Heroes. The three explained to Clark what he is truly destined to be - which is a model for all the galaxy for aliens to come to earth and live among humans. They realized that they had landed on the day Brainiac emerged in a human host and realized that they and Kal-El had to defeat Brainiac to kill the host after the Phantom Zone crystal was destroyed. They began tracking down Brainiac while at the same time pondering the 21st century commenting on the state of the planet and how it was being polluted. Garth then began to question Kal-El stating that they may have the wrong person as he was nothing like they had heard about in the future, however, Rokk still believed in Kal-El.

They tracked Brainiac at the Daily Planet where he had just begun to upload all of the human knowledge leaving the entire planet stood still before using an electromagnetic pulse to temporarily short circuit him. They plan to kill Brainiac by killing the host body, Chloe Sullivan, before Kal-El stopped them and they took Brainiac back to the barn where they managed to extract him from Chloe with Imra connecting to Chloe telepathically, Rokk using his magnetic powers to extract Brainiac's microscopic parts while Garth used his powers to short-circuit him. After defeating Brainiac by extracting it from Chloe, they intended on making a better use of it, in the form of Brainiac 5. They later returned to their own time -taking what remained of Brainiac with them- after Rokk warned Clark about being careful in the days ahead.

Back in the 31st century, the Legionnaires were able to reprogram the artificial intelligence, creating Brainiac 5.

Cosmic Boy's Return

Returning from the future to the 21st century once again, Rokk goes to the Daily Planet rooftop to meet Clark and told him that by saving Chloe from Brainiac, he saved her connection to Doomsday and that Chloe is the cause that Doomsday cannot be defeated now since she made him immune to kryptonite when she tried to kill him with it, and she stopped Clark from sending Doomsday to the Phantom Zone at the Fortress of Solitude with the Black crystal.

Clark states that he wouldn't change his decision on saving Chloe no matter what happened. Rokk tells Clark that tomorrow is the day he'll die if he goes up against Doomsday alone. He gives Clark another Legion ring since he destroyed the previous one and suggests that Clark send Doomsday to the future to fight The Legion since nothing on the Planet can stop him from killing him, then he returns to the future when Clark refuses to accept his help, stating that this is his problem, not the Legion's and that he will embrace his destiny, even if it means that he'll have to die to do it.

Earth-New Krypton Conflict

During the final battle between Clark and Darkseid, Kara Zor-El was ordered by Jor-El's A.I. to get Clark Kent's Flight Ring and travel to the future so her cousin had to assume his destiny. Very reluctantly and grudgingly, Kara agreed.

In the 31st century, Brainiac 5 and the Legion welcomed and recruited Supergirl. Shortly after, a Kryptonian lost colony named Argo, comprised of the Kandorians whom Clark freed from Zod several centuries before, was discovered. The new world -named by its inhabitants New Krypton- applied by entry in the United Planets, but the xenophobic EarthGov turned them down.

Tensions between both worlds escalated, to the point the Legion launched a diplomatic mission. Nevertheless, it was sabotaged by the EarthGov. The situation got so dire that all Legionnaires were recalled, including Clark Kent, who for then had already taken up the Superman mantle.

Thanks to their Kryptonian members' efforts, the Legion managed to keep both sides from obliterating each other. Afterwards, Superman left the 31st century. Supergirl also returned to present Metropolis a while later to rejoin him.


During the Crisis caused by the Monitors, the Legion struggled to save people in their own time, rescuing a ship of renegade Dominators.



Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series Smallville, and its tie-in comic book series, and is an adaptation of Legion of Super-Heroes. The original character was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino and first appeared in Adventure Comics #247.
  • The Legion lives in a future directly 1,000 years from the present.
  • All of the Legion members can fly thanks to their Legion Flight Rings.


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