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Lena was raised in Smallville, Kansas by her drunk father alongside her brother Lex; her mother presumably died when she was little. When Lex ran away from home, she was the only person in the house who cared. Little is known of her life, except that she was "devastated" by the death of her father from a heart attack[1]. Her brother Lex absconded with the insurance money on her father, leaving her to fend for herself.

Her activities after this are unknown. Lex's agents worked hard to hide his past in Smallville, bribing locals; it is unknown what effect this had on her life. She is currently living in Smallville with her daughter Lori. She is also paraplegic.

In the wake of his escape from Project 7734, Lex Luthor returned to Smallville with the intention of controlling Superboy. He also claims that he can cure his sister's disability.




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