Lennox is one of the many children of the Olympian God of Zeus. He lived for over eighty years, and he first discovered his heritage during World War II, after surviving the London Blitz.[2] He called that experience a "Baptism by Blitzkrieg", he continued battled in the war.

He has since searched for his siblings, and did not leave a good impression with Milan and Siracca. He also came into contact with American archeologist Helena Sandsmark, with whom he had a child, Cassie. He left them when she was four.

Some twelve years later, he teamed up with his half-sister Wonder Woman to protect their half-brother Zeke.

Lennox was killed when he held off the First Born, allowing the others to escape through a Boom Tube.


  • Unique Physiology: His skin has the same consistency of rock, which makes him almost invulnerable; at the same time, if hit with enough strength, cracks are left in his body the same way scars normally would. He later explains that his powers consist in "organic-rock" and even if cracked, he ends up healing with time.[3]