When Leona Dorsey was diagnosed with an incurable disease, she sought the help of a geneticist who specializes in cures for radical diseases to reverse the disease He used the genetic code of an animal. Believing that Catwoman was a real cat, he withdrew his DNA for use in Dorsey, but found that she was a "mere human".

Being held prisoner, Catwoman saw the doctor using the genetic code of a leopard to change the physiology of Dorsey to cure it, who instead turned into a leopard humanoid. With a animalistic character, she killed the doctor and his assistant and almost killed Catwoman if she had not deceived her and ran away. Later reappeared in a club metahumans fighters, now called "Panara, " she had been captured and forced to fight and escaped when Batman and Wildcat freed the prisoners. Some time later, she met and fell in love with Tezcatlipoca, and soon the two began a slaughter, until they were stopped and sent to prison by Robin and Blue Beetle.


enemy of Catwoman