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On Earth-8, the godlike being known as Wandjina came to Angor and became active as a metahuman. He sided with the Meta Militia when Tin Man instituted the Metahuman Act. While under the persona of Leonard Grant, he served as a scientist at the Experiment House in New York and had an ongoing feud with Gorgon of the Extremists, due to being close to Gorgon's lab assistant Susan; but, this was proven false as Wandjina was revealed to be a homosexual. However, this feud continued and ended with Wandjina's death by being eaten whole by Gorgon after his power was nullified by Lord Havok during the Meta Militia's invasion of Slovekia.


Wandjina possessed incredible physical strength, as well as some control of the weather. He used a large axe as part of his regular arsenal, though he had a specially-made gun that he sometimes used.

Wandjina is based on the Pre-Crisis hero of the same name, but ultimately on the Marvel Comics hero Thor, and more to the extent of his Ultimate Marvel version.



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