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Leroy is Girl 13's pet iguana. Leroy likes coffee. During their adventures, Leroy acts at Traci's familiar, allowing them to speak telepathically.


Telepathy: As Traci's familiar, Leroy can speak mind-to-mind with his owner, allowing him to give her advice and tell her what he saw when she wasn't around.

  • Transformation: Traci has learned a spell that allows her to transform Leroy from his normal lizard form into a fierce dragon. In this form, Leroy can not only aide his friend in battle, but serve as a quick means of transportation.
  • Flight: In his dragon form, Leroy grows a huge pair of leathery, bat-like wings that allow him to fly.
  • Fire Breath: In his dragon form, Leroy can naturally shoot fire from his mouth.




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