Leslie was a car thief before being captured by LuthorCorp and shipped of to Black Creek. Once Tess Mercer closed the facility, Leslie was released; soon after, she was recruited to join her team of heroes. She, like the other team members, was subjected to strict physical and teamwork training. She was assigned the codename Livewire.

Leslie was summoned by Tess, along with the rest of the team, to hunt down Doomsday and fool Clark Kent. Once Clark was distracted with a fake Chloe Sullivan, Leslie and others focused on their mission to find Doomsday, and separated themselfs into groups of two. She was paired with Neutron; when they found the monster in a garage in Granville, Doomsday killed Neutron before escaping, leaving Leslie alve. Shocked from the sheer brutality she witnessed, Leslie decided to quit the team.

When the rest of the group met with Livewire at the scene, she expressed her interest in retiring and accused Tess of having sent them on a suicide mission. However, Tess berated Leslie for her inability to follow orders, and had Parasite steal Leslie's powers. After the other members went to continue with the plan, Tess activated the chip in the powerless Leslie's head, killing her. Her dead body was later found by Emil Hamilton and analyzed in the presence of Clark and the false Chloe, finding that an explosion had occurred in her brain.





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