Quote1 I'm-a kill you, then I'm-a jump start your heart-and kill you again! Quote2
-- Electrocutioner src

More brawn than brains is the initial assessment of Lester Buchinsky, but he has been able to create some kind of custom made, weaponized gloves that pack a powerful electrical discharge. Their craftsmanship suggests there is more going on between his ears than the sound of his own boasting, though he may have had help constructing them - perhaps even had them made by someone else. His arrogance and overconfidence are his weakness.

Buchinsky was one of the eight assassins who the Joker hired to try and kill Batman. He met Batman on the Penguin's ship, the Final Offer, where he faced him in the fighting pit, but was knocked out after one kick from The Dark Knight. Later that night, Electrocutioner attended the meeting with the other assassins at the Gotham Royal Hotel. Annoyed that he was playing on his phone, not paying attention, and also smarting off, The Joker kicked Electrocutioner out of the window; he landed on a chandelier, killing him on impact. From then on, his Shock Gloves were used by Batman.



  • Ego: Electrocutioner is best known for his big mouth and inflated senes of self-worth. He will leave himself open to gloat.


  • Shock Gloves
  • Electrocutioner suffered his distinct scars from experimenting with his invention.[1]



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