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Leviathan first became known to the heroes of Earth as a terror group who kidnapped the child of a Yemeni shiekh. However, Batman suspected that something was up, and discovered that Leviathan was working with the shiekh, and was planning to attack the world with mind-controlled children and engineered metahumans.[1]

Batman immediately connected the organization to an apocalyptic vision he'd recieve while coming back from the dead, and positioned his Batman Incorporated organization to oppose them. After some moves, Leviathan seemed to form up behind Doctor Dedalus, a Nazi masterspy imprisoned on the Falkland Islands, with a predicted lifespan of months due to Alzheimers'. In the aftermath of Dedalus' breakout, further investigation showed that a paper-trail, such as it was, showed a flow of child soldiers from training camps in the central African republic of Mtamba to locations around the world, for use by Leviathan in their campaign.

Leviathan's goals seemed to include the subjugation of poor communities using drugs.

In Batman Inc's struggle against Doctor Dedalus' master plan, they struck, and hit... empty locations, pre-prepared traps and a lot of gloating. Recovering, they realised tha Dedalus was a feint, designed to make them show their hand on the eve of the war. Via a telephone, the leader of Leviathan spoke from their new headquarters opposite the cinema on Park Row. This mastermind stated Leviathan's goal is war with Batman's followers and the destruction of civilization.

Demon Star

After Flashpoint, the mastermind took control of the League of Assassins and added its agents to the plan. The plan began by seeding mind-control chemicals in the Gotham food supply through the "Dark Tower" fast food chain, while taking control of the Brothers Grimm Syndicate, which controls the club on Gotham's West Side. Using a combination of agents in the school system, the police, and the civil service, Leviathan works to control Gotham's children.


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  • Leviathan's liturgy is staunchly anti-capitalist, and places itself as the makers of a new way.


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