Lewis Bayard was the son of an Arkham security guard. One day he accompanied his father to work, and there he spent the day reading comics and watching T.V. Soon, though, his day went from joy to sorrow. A prison riot broke out, and Lewis watched as his dad was killed at the hands of Doctor Phosphorus. Lewis's father laid on the floor with Phosphorus's hand prints burnt into his back. To Lewis, the prints looked like wings, and his traumatized mind processed the events as his dad having been released from the mortal plane in order to ascend to heaven before he could be corrupted by the filth of the earth.

Years later, Lewis took on the name of The White Knight; a self proclaimed savior to the world. He believed that the apple did not fall far from the tree, and so anyone who appeared corrupt, must have come from a corrupted bloodline. The only way to stop the future spread of evil, in Lewis' mind, was to eliminate said blood line completely. He then targeted the relatives of all the Arkham Asylum inmates. He would use a drug called Special K to put his victims into a state of euphoria, and dress them up to resemble angels. With the use of an audio device placed in their ears, he would then instruct them to commit suicide.

As the weeks went by, Batman and Robin did their best to hunt down Lewis and try and save as many of the relatives as they could. But Lewis always seemed to stay one step ahead of them. Finally in one giant, grand gesture, he had all the remaining relatives jump from the tallest buildings in Gotham all at once. While Batman and Robin did their best to save as many as they could, Lewis made his way to Arkham Asylum. There, he planned to take things to the next level by drowning all the inmates, ending those bloodlines once and for all. He intended to keep Dr. Phosphorus for himself, however.

Batman and Robin were able to arrive in just the nick of time. As Robin stopped the inmates from drowning, Batman fought Lewis. It didn't take long for Batman to be victorious, and Lewis Bayard, the White Knight of Gotham, became the newest resident of Arkham Asylum.



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