Quote1 Don't get me wrong. Wayne had it comin', but I'm no monster. Left that kid without a Ma. Always felt bad about that. Quote2
-- Lew Moxon src

Regarded as a legend in his own time, Lew Moxon was once the greatest mob boss in Gotham. His reign of terror came to an end one Halloween night, when he and his men attempted to rob a charity gala filled with Gotham's wealthy elite. Things went wrong and Lew ended up pinned under a huge model bat by Doctor Thomas Wayne and another assailant also dressed in a bat costume. In Blackgate, Moxon arranged for one of his men, Joe Chill, to kill Thomas Wayne for the indignity dealt to him. Chill, however, wet to far. Rather than making it seem like an accident, as he was ordered, he confronted the Wayne family and killed Thomas and his wife, leaving their young son an orphan. Moxon carried regret for this for the rest of his days.

Eventually, Moxon was released from prison and lived out the rest of his life. He died one night in a hospital bed, unknowingly speaking his final confession to the very boy who his assassin had left orphaned.