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Lex Luthor's Warsuit

Official Name
LexCorp Battlesuit

Lead Designer


Place of Creation
(Pre-Crisis) Lexor; (Post-Crisis) Metropolis

Place of Destruction
Luthor's Warsuits have been destroyed or deactivated in various locales over the years.

Current Owner

Previous Owners
Earth-One: Lexorians; New Earth: LexCorp staff members

First appearance



Lex Luthor obtained a sophisticated alien battlesuit on his adopted home planet of Lexor while he was living there shortly before its total destruction.[1] Subsequently, Luthor used the Lexorian armor in many battles with his archenemy, Superman.


The original warsuit was a LexCorp prototype that Superman was forced to fight. However, due to the fact that the untested weapon drove its user insane, Superman was unable to pin anything on Luthor and was forced to pull back.[2]

Years later, Luthor obtained a specially made warsuit built on Apokolips and used it when his plan to blame Superman for a falling Kryptonite meteor failed.[citation needed] The suit made him even with Superman, but the Man of Steel was able to fight back and disable it. Luthor though used a Boom Tube to escape capture. The second suit found itself in many hands before Luthor regained it. However, it was destroyed by Superboy-Prime.[citation needed]

Luthor designed a sleeker version in his attempt to hunt down the Black Ring.[citation needed]


The various versions of the warsuit have provided the following functions:

  • Superhuman Strength[3][4]
  • Superhuman Durability[3][4]
  • Flight[1][3][5]
  • Force Field: Generation all across the armor and seemingly unprotected head from the torso of the powered armor.[3] Or as an energy shield from the left gauntlet.[4]
  • Energy Projection: With varying affects and from varying locations:
    • Kryptonite energy blasts from the gauntlets.[3]
    • Green Kryptonite energy generator in right forefinger.[6]
    • Red Kryptonite energy generator in right middle finger.[6]
    • Blue Kryptonite energy generator in right ring-finger.[6]
    • Black Kryptonite energy generator in right pinky finger.[6]
    • Blue energy from left gauntlet.[4]
    • Electrical surge generated across the armor.[5]
  • Energy Blade: Housed in the right gauntlet.[3]
  • Kryptonite Energy Spikes: Under armor of the right arm.[5]


  • The original warsuit was introduced in Action Comics #544 (1983) as part of the Earth-One continuity. The first New Earth version of the suit debuted in Man of Steel #5 (1986).
  • Lex Luthor's warsuit is not to be confused with the LX-20 Body Armor worn by Lex during the years when he was masquerading as his own son, Lex Luthor the Second.

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