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Quote1 If anything, I'm a humanitarian. Quote2
-- Lex Luthor src


It is inconceivable to think that Alexander Luthor, who was once even considered a friend of Superman, could ever create or build anything for the betterment of society. Yet he is a brilliant scientist capable of conceiving and designing both high-tech weaponry and the latest in home conveniences. He empowered the United States to win the Cold War and become the leader in world politics. Luthor inherited a vast fortune, one he has used to generate an even larger fortune, allowing him to operate above the scrutiny of the law.

That is, until Superman came to Metropolis. From that day on, Luthor has dedicated himself to ridding the world of the alien who threatened, according to Luthor's view, to cripple the potential of mankind. Since then, Luthor has been a man of more than ambition. He has become a man obsessed with proving himself Superman's better.




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