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Liam Hawkleigh was a U.S. Army sniper. He became a mercenary under the alias of Gunhawk after his service along with his romantic partner Gunbunny.

They were eventually hired to murder someone in Gotham and they came across the new Batman, who they managed to outgun thanks to their superiour gunpower.[1] However, in the struggle, Gunbunny was seriously harmed and Gunhawk took her to a hospital. He assaulted the place and threatened the medical staff to give her attention. The chaos attracted the attention of Batman, who improved his Batsuit to withstand great firepower damage and Gunhawk was ultimately captured after Batman brutally beat him.[2]

After this defeat, the mercenary went through a personal crisis and became an alcoholic, which reduced him to an amateur shooter. Seeing the self-destruction of her companion, Gunbunny continued on her own.




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