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Little of Lincoln Adams' past before StormWatch is known, however Hellstrike learned that Link's wife died of cancer in 1975. The grief nearly destroyed Link, but he managed to overcome it.

Link joined the United Nations crisis response team StormWatch around the same time as its original training officer Marc Slayton (Backlash). He created and maintained technology for the team, including Hellstrike's containment suit, and formed long-term friendships with both Marc Slayton and the team's field leader Jackson King (Battalion). Link evidently survived the destruction of Skywatch II following an alien incursion, but was not included in the next incarnation of StormWatch under Ben Santini of Team Achilles. However, when Jackson King returned as Director of StormWatch (now solely under the control of the US government), Link also returned as the team's technical specialist.

Following World's End, Link was responsible for equipping StormWatch's newest space station, Skywatch III, with enormous solar sails to generate power.


Link has served as StormWatch's technical specialist since its earliest days, and is highly experienced in many technical fields, including superhuman biology, biomechanical engineering and teleport technology.



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