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Lincoln March Prime Earth 002
Information-silkReal NameUnknown
Information-silkCurrent AliasLincoln March
Information-silkAliasesThomas Wayne, Jr.
Information-silkAffiliationformerly the Court of Owls
Information-silkBase Of OperationsGotham City
Information-silkIdentityPublic Identity
Information-silkOccupationMayoral Candidate, COO of March Venture
Information-silkUniversePrime Earth
Information-silkPlace of BirthGotham City
Information-silkCreatorsScott Snyder, Greg Capullo
First Appearance


Lincoln March was a candidate for Gotham City Mayor and supporter of Bruces Wayne's vision of a new revitalized Gotham, until the Court of Owls targeted him for death. Lincoln March was also the COO of March Ventures and he underwrote Leslie Thompkins' satellite clinic on the east side of Gotham City.

After an assassination attempt at Wayne Industries on both his and Bruce Wayne's lives, Bruce visited him in hospital and learned that Lincoln March had not only heard whispers about the Court of Owls' existence but had also had his life threatened by them. He warns Bruce not to discount them just because he'd never seen them before, as the greatest danger can sometimes be under one's feet when one doesn't realize it.

March told Bruce the story of how he lost his parents. He said he lost his parents in his youth. He couldn't remember the face of his mother very well but he still remembered the pin she was wearing the day of the accident. He had made the pin for her at school in ceramics. It was a little heart with one side bigger than the other side. Both of his parents died in a car accident where the other driver was drunk. After that, he was hopeless. After school he went to college and "Gotham saved him".

After he'd recovered from the hospital, Gotham City came under attack by a horde of Talons like the one that attacked Wayne and March in the tower. Most of the targets of the Talons had already been executed, leaving Batman the option to save either Jeremiah Arkham or Lincoln. Batman went after Arkham first, and then March.[1]

At March's office, Batman opened the door to find March pointing a gun in his direction. His actual target was the Talon hiding behind the door, who collapsed when Lincoln took his shot. Batman rushed over to talk to March, finding that he had been stabbed in the chest. With his last words, March begged Batman to give a note to Bruce Wayne. As Lincoln March died, Batman read the letter. It was a list that Lincoln had compiled of the three people most likely to be members of the Court of Owls. Wayne swore vengeance against the Court of Owls.[2]

After doing some research, Batman found the Court of Owls mid-meeting, but his discovery was bitter-sweet as each member had died by poisoning. Unsure of why the members would kill themselves, Wayne came to a sudden realization.

Wayne travelled to the Willowwood orphanage, and there he encountered Lincoln March, still very much alive. March explained that he was part of the Court of Owls. Originally, he was a puppet for the Court, meant to distract Bruce Wayne long enough for their Talon to easily kill him. When Wayne defeated the Talon, March knew he wasn't the only one keeping secrets in their new friendship. Bruce Wayne was the Batman. [3]

On the Night of the Owls when March was "accidentally" attacked, he had managed to take the same formula that preserves the Talons, allowing him to be revived. Then, to get back at the Court for turning on him, March turned on them by poisoning their drinks at an emergency meeting.

After his story, March asked Batman if he had guessed who he really was. He gloats that his real name is Thomas Wayne, Jr., and he is Bruce Wayne's younger brother.[3] Batman refused to believe this was true, despite Lincoln's story of how he had grown up being visited by Martha Wayne, and was then groomed by the Court of Owls to take Bruce's place. They fought, and Batman managed to escape, though his opponent's regenerative capabilities meant that he could never be sure if Lincoln March would return.

Bruce would never be truly certain whether Lincoln March was telling the truth about his parentage without a DNA test, but many of the facts of his story could fit around the official paperwork - on the condition that Martha and Thomas Wayne had lied. [4]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Advanced Healing: Since March took a small dose of Electrum that the Talons use, he cannot techinally die. He also recovers from injuries much faster than the normal man. [4]



  • Though it is uncertain whether Lincoln March is truly Thomas Wayne, Jr., Martha Wayne was pregnant at the time of a car crash at the intersection of Lincoln and March, and official records indicate that the baby was born, but did not survive the night.
  • When the Anchoress infiltrates Bruce's mind, she forces him to see an illusion of Lincoln March's death again. The Anchoress, unreal and just a virus inside Bruce's mind, comments that Bruce actually believes that Lincoln March is his brother. [5]


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