With the passing of Kent Nelson, Nabu began the search for a new host. This search took him to Eric and Linda Strauss. He bound them so that they could merge to become Doctor Fate, but they otherwise led separate lives. He then animated Kent Nelson's corpse to join them as an adviser and instructor. Since the tower Nelson used as a sanctum was apparently destroyed, the pair operated out of Linda's apartment. Over time they were joined by a small, kind demon they dubbed Petey and a lawyer named Jack C. Small. Petey and Jack provided moral support and managed to assist in some of the battles.

During a battle on Apokolips, Eric was killed, leaving Linda to carry on as Doctor Fate on her own. Eventually the Helmet rejected her. Eric's soul was not allowed to pass on, but was instead placed in the dying body of Eugene DiBellia, who had been severely injured in a car crash. Eugene was the father of a cosmically important girl named Raina, who was to usher in a new age for mankind.

Even though she was no longer Doctor Fate, the Anti-Fate, Doctor Benjamin Stoner, returned to plague Linda. This forces her to merge with Nabu to become Doctor Fate once again. Before retreating, the Lords of Chaos succeeded in assaulting Linda and killing her. As with Eric, her soul was placed in the dying body of Wendy DiBellia, Eugene's wife, so that she and Eric could take care of Raina. The DiBellias were always fated to die, but thanks to the timely intervention of the Phantom Stranger and a being serving as the human avatar of God, Raina is not left without her caretakers.




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