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Injustce: Year One

Lobo was a bounty hunter who travels throughout the galaxy, taking jobs from whomever will pay him the most money. One of his jobs involved Superman after he killed Kalibak, the son of Darkseid. Darkseid payed Lobo to kill Superman as a means of revenge. Lobo confronted Superman on Earth in Metropolis, going as far as toppling an entire building on Superman to kill him. Instead, the Kryptonian flew the Czarinian into the sun, which nearly annihilated Lobo. Superman didn't kill the Czarnian, but instead turned the tables on Lobo, by asking him to perform a mission for Kal-El instead of for Darkseid. Superman asked Lobo to find Harley Quinn and bring her to him.

Harley eluded Lobo twice, and she lead him to the Arrow-Cave, where Green Arrow, Black Canary and Harley subdued him after a fight. Now playing the therapist, Harley deduced that Darkseid did something to Lobo to belittle him, and that Lobo needed to take it back and prove he is better than Darkseid. Lobo agreed, and left for Apokolips to face Darkseid in battle.


There was no shortage of vendettas during Superman's reign and no shortage of bounties for Lobo to collect. He became one of the richest men in the universe, assassinating those who ran afoul of the High Councilor. Lobo's already massive ego inflated along with his rising wealth.

Lobo searched for an assignment worthy of his abilities. With so many super powered beings dead at his hand, however, bounties were scarce. Lobo decided to use his wealth to make his own ultimate contract: he would kill the denizens of New Genesis, home of the New Gods.





  • Dual Barrel Shotgun
  • Hook and Chain



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